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Cancer Horoscope

You will experience heightened activity in terms of using the gift of your tongue. The conversations will keep your energies somersaulting and you will hardly be able to relax. Your activities will keep your romance mitigated to a degree. Quick to sacrifice and seeking gratitude, you have a different approach toward your relationship

Holidays may not amuse you anymore. You seem to have enjoyed a real good share of your breaks. Unhinged to celebrations around you, you are waiting to get back to your work. Easily bored, you are looking a bit ahead compared to others and galloping on a different approach for the New Year.

Do not make a Frankenstein's Monster out of yourself, as you may turn to hogging or drinking binges. Be thoughtful while treating your body the way it needs to be treated.

Romantic travel is on the list. Your future consort would be will be the best choice to make a transit with.

Be ready as the question could pop up anytime. Its time you enter the wedlock, raising your life a notch higher. It's time to get yourself into beautiful commitment that will enrich you heart and life. It's time to raise a toast!

There is whirlpool of tumult and confusion rising in your mental spheres right now. It's the checkered pattern of emotion and reason that is creating the commotion, as they are skirmishing on every emerging issue. When the heart and mind are out of harmony, slackening back and letting go is simply a difficult choice to lay your finger on.

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