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Cancer Horoscope

Circumstances may change your perception towards others. It's all in the way you understand the messages that are being sent out by the people around you. Considering them to be directed toward you, this may kick in an irrational behavioral pattern in offence. But the truth may be otherwise. You may not necessarily be the target of the said or the done thing. This may roil up your relations both in person and profession.

Keep a plan ready to fall back on. The plan will help you in the execution of the thing planned and will be your support system in the times of anxiety.

Push your limits and do not fear to experiment. Do not make others failures or setbacks your point of reference in escaping the fear.

Transit will be in relation to your profession. Career opportunities will take you places.

Luck will usher in respect to career and recruitment. Job applications and interviews will get you through offering new opportunities. Your dynamism and spirit to accept changes will enhance your luck factor.

Your emotions are oscillating to the extremes. This ever moving pendulum of sentiment will make situations misty for you making it difficult for you to comprehend your own extraction from people.

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