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Capricorn Horoscope

While there are many balls to juggle today, some timely communication can save arguments and so take the time for a, "Sorry I am late," or an "I love you text."

Reap and ye shall sow - karma has a very big role to play in today's events with actions, some long forgotten, boomeranging back to you. While some results will please, others you must take on the chin as a lesson learned.

It is hard for you to settle today, somehow the routine will not fill the gap inside, a gap which makes you crave for things which are far away, unattainable and which you have never experienced before. Physical activity is a sure way to shake off these feelings or at least diminish the restlessness.

Local travel to see friends and attend enjoyable events is favored.

Venus in your 3rd house brings luck in activities with others and negotiations.

Keep an eye on yourself as many of your actions today are strongly influenced by your subconscious and you may not be as objective as you would like.

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