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Gemini Horoscope

Taken Gemini signs are going to be in trouble. Your eyes have been wondering lately, haven't they? If your partner catches you in the crime, count your relationship as terminated.

Make better investments. The investments that you have already made haven't been paying off. Learn to improvise and to adapt. Remember, this won't happen overnight.

Yoga or pilates can really help you feel more calm and more centered. That's something what you struggle with since you have a tendency to get very hot-headed.

Don't look at all the tourist-y attractions or destinations. Find a place that is interesting and where you will learn something cool.

It's a lucky day for all Gemini signs today! Especially when it comes to making new contacts and financial luck.

Today, you will have some issues when it comes to making decision on the spot. Ask for help from a friend, or ask for advice.