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Gemini Horoscope

You do not wish to be stagnant, and prefer free flow in your relationships. The camaraderie and associations that stick you up will not attract enough attention from you. your constant need to grow and be progressive will lead to you severing ties from those who are in the lower puddle denying to be a part of the waterfall.

Your professional energies are in full swing. You are crystal clear in your goal making and wish to go to any strength to implement them and make them yield fruition. The beginning of 2019 will see you do some bone breaking work without letting the pressure ease off your cranium.

Your energies will keep your flouncing. Take frequent breaks to come back more lively as the pause will be your music.

Travelling with buddies and new found love is on the list.

Your nexus will be stringer and your connections will be satiating.

Your persona will help you meld with the crowd. This will happen rather quickly and you too will savor the company you are placed in. Its your brain more than the heart that will do this work effortlessly.

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