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Leo Horoscope

Never bother about putting your strong face up all the time. Letting your partner peek through the pores of your vulnerable and delicate personality can be beautiful. It will show him/her the fragile facet of your heart that needs much care and careful handling. It's just okay at times to reveal your inner self, though knowingly or unknowingly, which will enhance your partner's perception toward the real you.

Defeat is a lesson and gracefully accepting is winning, not half but the complete battle. See your faults right in the face. Do not play hide and seek with them. It's the law of average; it will catch up with you. Accept your mistakes, then take them in your stride and crutch on your confidence and simply glide ahead. You are sure to reach the best, to your given caliber.

Your anxiety fiber is growing more tensile in nature. Do not wrap yourself with this yarn, as it might unconsciously galvanize you into nagging and nit picking.

Communication will be your key element. Your negotiating skills will take you travelling.

Saturn is stimulating oodles of focus right now. Thus tasks requiring ample concentration will bring in good luck.

There exists a loophole in your familial ambience. Consciously check out on it as your inner balance right is not capable of spurring any commotion or confusion.

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