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Leo Horoscope

You have a heightened self awareness. This also spans into your sexual sphere, making you in sync with your gyrating carnal energies. Your awareness will help you direct these of these carnal energies in various other areas of your life and relationships in specific.

You inner nature is striking and far beyond being timid. Your boldness will enable you to intrude various spheres of business and growth that will help you reach higher levels and propel you to new psychic and visible heights.

Unknowing about the direction in life, you are eager to push your limitations. You aren't aware about the next moment and do not even want to bother about it. This will enable to you to give your 100% and make and break boundaries.

you will assume a role in the public domain. Juggling with various individuals and organizations on the whole, you will be the core executer in the PR turf.

Physical recreation in terms of sports and competition, testing your physical agility and mental prowess, will bring in luck.

Your passionate energies will gyrate seducing you with new energy and vigor. Intense and fierce, the embers of your energies will reflect your source of volcanic eruption.