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Libra Horoscope

Venus is sending some strong energy today. That means that both taken and single Libra signs are feeling good, romantic and gooey! Enjoy your day.

It is very possible that a superior might want to talk to you today about offering you a better paid position. You may receive some extra money today.

Your mental health and your physical health are alright today. If you are feeling stressed, it’s high time that you made some changes when it comes to your life style.

Today just isn’t the day for you to travel. You should postpone your trip. It will be better for you.

The numbers 50, 9, 2, 53, and 72 will have a very special meaning for you today. Don’t invest and don’t gamble today.

You may feel a bit more sad later in the day. This is the time that you should have your phone in your hands and text or call your loved ones.

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