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Libra Horoscope

Quite words and pillow talk after the lights are out and perhaps after sex is very relaxing and very honest- in fact some things which are said can feel like quite a release.

With Venus in your 6th house, do not be a victim of confirmation bias where you only look at information that confirms what you already think - broaden the net and entertain opposing view to see how you can adapt your argument to accommodate these.

Libra need to keep a steady pace throughout the day, do not leave things until the last minute as you may have a 3pm slump when energy leaves you.

Travel to learn skills in connection with horticulture, veterinary or jewelry making is favored.

Libra are lucky when you buy gym equipment or healthy supplements.

Dealing with others can be very draining today and that is perhaps part of the reason your energy cannot be relied upon - a negative vibe among some colleagues may deplete you somewhat.

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