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Pisces Horoscope

Self connection is above all else that matters. Be connected with every aspect of your life including that of direction. If you have a well defined sense of anchorage, your gut will do the rest for you.

You are an orchard of ideas right now. All sorts of ideas whether creeping or sturdy will be your linchpin in your pattern of dealing and cracking the concept even if it is in its baby steps.

Your aptitude of connecting with the ambience is heightened, no matter how remote would it appear. You are flexible in your emotional perception and can melt in unison with the ambience which gives you empowering interpreting powers of the atmosphere you are placed in.

Travel in relation to business is fruitful, especially if the client is a new one.

You are teeming with ideas right now. One of them may hit your money making luck.

Listening to your heart is always a higher phenomenon above all else. Be careful to its whispers as it not only establishes direction but also cuts across the ways where the going seems impossible. It's the intuition that has helped civilizations to nurture and flourish. Thus listen the feelings that your gut is spilling out.