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Sagittarius Horoscope

Do not grow finicky over the magnitude of your generosity toward your partner. Do not be little yourself and trust your input. do not treat your partner like a fledgling. There are certain things they must deal with their own acumen and accuracy.

Throw your rule book out the window. Do not treat it as Bible. Its your own creativity and ingenuity that will help you crack the problem. Restrictions will limit your psychic faculties. Rather design your own strategy and implement its execution in full force and the peg is sure to fit into the hole.

Treat yourself a little leniently. Achieving chimerical standards will take a toll on your well being. Hence, be reasonable, be rational and do not chase something that is bone breaking. Do not get into sycophancy unnecessarily. Instead send some time in sugar coating yourself, you may be able to taste a sweeter you.

It's time to see some folklore. Cultural ceremonies and gathering will take you on a transit.

Judiciary affairs may bring you success.

It's wonderful when you just witness your thoughts like flying birds without interfering or halting their flight.

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