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Scorpio Horoscope

Single signs are going to flirt with someone from work. If you play your cards right, it might bloom into a beautiful relationship. Married signs with kids will have a peaceful day.

Remember that no one is irreplaceable. If someone isn't doing their job right even after you told them a hundred times already, then you know what you need to do.

Other than a few drastic mood swings, today is a normal and healthy day for you. Try eating more food with chia seeds in them, since they are super good for your body.

A friend who lives abroad is going to call you up for a trip. You miss this person! So hurry up and book that flight. It's time for adventure!

The numbers that are going to bring you luck are 3 and 29.

You have a wild imagination, Scorpio. A little too wild even. If you catch yourself thinking about stupid things and situations, just zone out by listening to loud music.

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